Sumo Suits

When it comes to unique costume and party ideas one really stands out – sumo suits! Whether you are looking for games for a party, or for an idea for an outfit for a fancy dress party, sumo suits are able to give you what you need.

Best Inflatable Sumo Suits of 2017:

Types of Sumo Suits

There are two main types of sumo suit available to rent or buy, and which one is for you is entirely dependent upon your needs.

  1. The Inflatable Sumo Suit.
    The inflatable sumo suit is, as the name suggests, inflated with air to increase it’s size and give it that ‘sumo’ look. It is usually cheaper that the other type (padded suits) as there is no material used to pad out the suit.

    The advantage of this type, other than cost, is that it is also very light. So if you are at a long party or going out on the town this is probably the one for you! Be careful you don’t pop it though, flaps of sumo skin are never attractive!

  2. The Padded Sumo Suits

    This is heavier and more expensive than the inflatable option – but it has the added advantage of being a lot more durable… it would take some going to pop one of these bad boys!

    This type are more traditionally used in sumo wrestling party games – where the players suit up and take each other on at sumo wrestling. The size of the padding and suit make it very difficult and very funny! Not to mention almost impossible to get hurt…

As you can see there is not exactly a ‘best buy’ option when it comes to buying sumo suits – or renting them – it is entirely down to what you will be using them for that decides which style is best for you.

Whichever you choose you know you will always have a cracking party or night out wearing one!